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Crooked Paw Dog Training

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Mason Dahl

Mason grew up with dogs all his life but soon realized, upon entering high school, that his love for dogs was more prevailing than any other hobbies and interests. Starting freshman year of high school, he began mentoring numerous dog trainers in his area in all the free time he had. Towards the end of high school he began working at a doggy daycare and assisted in conducting group classes, private lessons, and children’s workshops. Now, he is conducting his own private lessons, classes, free workshops, and volunteers his time to rehabilitating shelter dogs for new homes. Mason just completed a dual bachelors degree – in Business Management and Marketing at Blackburn College – in 2021 and is currently attending the Michael Ellis school of dog training to further his knowledge in training dogs with his graduation being in June of 2022. He has also completed numerous online courses and is certified as a Canine Good Citizen Instructor

Mason’s career in training dogs started in the same shoes as many of his current clientele: a dog with an issue. His personal dog, Henry as pictured to the left, was a wonderful puppy but upon entering maturity developed severe dog aggression. His bestfriend was a terror to bring anywhere and made every social outing a nightmare. Sound familiar? Upon doing extensive research, training, and having reputable trainers by his side, he was able to curb his aggression to a manageable state and can actually be taken our in public. This experience was the turning point to Mason’s career. Mason knows the burden that is an untrained dog and empathizes greatly. His heart for this job is right on his sleeve and shows in his training.

Dog Paw

If you have not seen a little Chevy Sonic with a huge dog paw on all sides going down the street, you will! This is the Crooked Paw dog training car that travels to and from clients’ homes. It is a cute car and design, but not many know of how it came to be.

Mason’s dog, Henry, has a very noticeable disability. It is an angular limb deformity or ALD. This is common in basset hounds and dogs alike and causes odd twists and turns in the dogs’ paws and legs, more so their front than their back.

In Henry’s case, he has one paw that is extremely twisted. It cannot be missed! So, not only was his behavior abnormal, his little front paw was, too. Basically, every part of him was a little crooked, but this made him unique and special to my family.

Then the crooked paw logo was born!

(a.k.a. Henry’s paw print)

Metaphorically (or in Henry’s case, physically) every owner can relate to their dog being a little “crooked!” It may be just that they bark a little funny or maybe, more severe, an annoying behavior you cannot get rid of. Whatever it is, it makes them special, unforgettable, and forms a deep connection between an owner and their dog, absolutely living up to the title of “man’s best friend.”

No matter what “crooked-ness” you are dealing with, Mason is here to help. He knows the struggle of a crooked dog like no other!