Crooked Paw Dog Training

The Trainer

For over eight years, Mason has been acquiring knowledge from numerous trainers, has worked in a doggy daycare, has trained your typical unruly pet, has helped multiple shelters with countless “unadoptable” dogs, and has completed numerous courses in furthering his education. His entire life, though, has revolved around dogs. These years of experience that he has attained assists him in understanding the best way to approach your dog.

Mission Statement

To build healthy, harmonious relationships between you and your dog using the most effective, fair and kind methods.

Personalized Training

We pride ourselves in providing custom training programs for you and your dog as if it were our own. Using the most fair methods, our goal is not of obtaining the “perfect” dog, but of revealing the one that you know lies under the anxious, aggressive, hyper, out-of-control mask.

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Your dog is waiting to be liberated! Sign them up for training so they can experience the world in a more relaxed state of mind and to relieve your stress from a misbehaving dog!

Crooked Paw Dog Training

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